U District Streetfair

U District Streetfair

From the 2018 Streetfair, we identified a holistic approach to mobility to be a priority for our U District Community. A year later, we returned to the fair to test this assumption and learn more from visitors.

Our fair is the nation's longest-running streetfair, celebrating 49 years in the U District in May of 2018. Our booth was beside the U District Parklet, where we presented the latest scenarios for mobility and collected community feedback.

A fun, interactive exercise asked visitors to drop a ping pong ball into their preferred approach to aligning the transit on the limited public streets in the station area.

The results from the polling are listed here and reflect a vote every 20 seconds during the fair.

SCENARIOS - 1,319 total votes:
806 - The Ave for Pedestrians (Scenario 2)
270 - Brooklyn Green Street (Scenario 1)
243 - Transit Mall on 43rd Street (Scenario 3)

PRIORITIES - 1,722 total votes:
371 - Pedestrianize the Ave & 43rd Street
353 - Protect Legacy Small Businesses
224 - Implement the Parks Plan
188 - Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Over I-5
169 - U-Loo Public Toilet
132 - Parklets & Activated Alleys
114 - Central Town Square
96 - No Upzone on the Ave
75 - Station Area Mobility Plan

The Scenarios

Brooklyn Green Street

The Ave for Pedestrians

Transit Mall on 43rd St