​Demand a Safe Crossing Over I-5 on NE 45th Street

Sign the online petition to demand a safe crossing over I-5 on NE 45th Street for pedestrians and bicyclists. The list of names and anonymous supporters will be presented to SDOT & WSDOT to demonstrate broad support for this urgent issue.

Sign The Petition for a Safe Crossing

For a concise summary of the issue and what needs to be done to make this crossing safe for all modes and all abilities, click here:

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"Giving up safety of the people who walk and bike in favor of throughput of single occupancy vehicles is a terrible choice."

"I have been hit at 45th/I-5 as a pedestrian…I avoid 45th as a cyclist - it's too dangerous.​"

"I have a young child and this is the most dangerous part of most trips we take."

"It is time to prioritize local residents traveling in their own neighborhood, rather than solely catering to drivers traveling elsewhere on the freeway."

"This overpass is unsafe and the cars are aggressive."

"Surely cyclist safety is at least as important as vehicle throughput."

"This is a major disconnect between two very livable neighborhoods."

"We need to prioritize the movement of people, not just cars."

"My family, including my 6 year old son need a safe way to cross I-5 by bike and walking."

"A safe crossing at 45th is long overdue!"

"Build for tomorrow, not yesterday."

"I ride through despite my fear because it is the only reasonable way."

"This is…important in the larger context of reducing emissions from transportation and achieving the City's Vision Zero goals."

"It makes me actively avoid the area and feel “stuck” in Wallingford."

"Hoping for a safe way to take my daughter to daycare."

"I don't want to die here. Improve the bike and pedestrian safety."

"Don’t let the new station go to waste."

"I asked SDOT for this a decade ago and was politely told to 'piss off'."

"It is long past time to invest in safety for bikers in the district."

"Let's revisit this crossing one year from #WeekWithoutDriving to experience a safer way to walk and bike between Wallingford and the U District."

"[By dropping bike lane], it makes a mockery of the taxpayers who voted for link, and Move Seattle, and the mythology of Seattle as a progressive city."

"We...have 2 young kids that we would love to be able to walk or bike with to the new light rail station and access other great amenities in the U-District, but right now there is no safe way for us to that with the crossing over I-5."

"[Improve crossing] so that Vision Zero doesn’t remain an empty promise."

"The benefits of investments like light rail are best realized by making them more accessible to those not already using powered transport."

"My six grader often walks over this crossing to visit friends east of I-5 and it's incredibly unsafe. Please put up the railing and a proper bike lane."

"Enhancing bike and pedestrian safety on the 45th street overpass can only help make light rail even more successful."

"The current intersections at both 45th & 5th and 7th are two locations preventing neighbors from using light rail at U-District station from Wallingford."

"Having a safe crossing would be a benefit to our family and reduce our need to drive to gain access to downtown."

"As a cyclist I frequently find myself weighing the choice between using this unsafe crossing at 45th or riding more than a mile out of my way to cross at 40th or 65th. We need a safe crossing at 45th."

"​I bike here regularly and always notice the lack of safety."

"I can replace all types of car trips if I can safely get my bike across I-5 to the Udistrict light rail station."

"The only reason people aren't getting injured at this crossing right now is because we all avoid it because we can see how dangerous it is."

"A safe way to cross I-5 by bike is essential!"

"The safety concerns are hurting the ability for these communities to connect."

"This would make such a big difference, and long overdue!"

"Please make these cycling and pedestrian improvements so that people can move safely in our community. "

"It’s also a traffic race-track accentuated by excessively wide lanes across the I-5 overpass."

"This should have been done years ago."

"Closing these gaps in our bike network are integral to building a sustainable city!"

"This is a key connection between the U-District and Wallingford. Please make it better."

"Riding near a freeway interchange is one of the most dangerous areas because drivers are in a hurry and thinking about what's next instead of where they are - whether exiting or entering the freeway car drivers in these spaces are terrifying to share the road with."

"This is a common sense proposal to strengthen the connections between neighborhoods. 45th Street is a major commuting corridor and tons of UW students commute by bike. We must make this a safe route for biking and walking to get more people out of cars, reduce traffic, and reduce climate changing emissions."

"This is long overdue!"

"Lid I-5 or demolish it whichever is faster."

620+ Signers and counting...

Katie Adamsky 
Eric Aderhold 
Lisa Alado 
Brian Allen 
Tariku Allen 
Xiomara Alvarez 
Jean Amick 
Brett Anderson 
Sophia Anderson 
M. Angel Diaz 
Mary Ann Proctor  
Josh Apata 
Vairoj Arunyaangkul  
Oren Ashkenazi 
Mattias Bailey 
Erin Bailie 
David Bair 
Max Baker  
Peg Balachowski
Jonathan Balraj  
Elly Bangs 
Gregory Barnes 
Lisa Barnes 
Karen Barrett 
Michaela Barrett 
Christopher Bartlett  
Brian Beck 
Kadie Bell 
Devin Ben-Hur 
Rose Bender 
James Berg 
Margaret Berger 
Erin Bernau 
Miranda Berner 
Rachel Berney 
Lux Betancourt 
Daniel Birman 
Dick Birnbaum 
Sarah Bloch 
Scott Bonjukian 
Simone Bovan 
Liam Bradshaw 
Daniel Breslin 
Emma Bright 
Ari Brown 
Lee Bruch 
Zachary Burton  
Antonia Bryna
Ethan Campbell  
Aidan Carroll 
Michelle Chamberlin 
Rob Chambers 
Lexi Chin 
Abram Clark 
Brenton Clark 
Thomas Coffee 
Abby Coffenberry 
Marjorie Cogan 
Chad Collins 
Elizabeth Connolly 
Kaiden Cook 
Scott Cooper 
Benjamin Courts 
Jane Cover 
Chris Covert-Bowlds 
McKenna Cowart 
Tyler Coyle 
Cory Crocker 
Ian Crozier 
Michael Crye 
Robbie Cunningham Adams 
Marty Curry 
Ronna Dansky 
Alex Darrow 
Joan Davis
James Davis 
Johnathon Davis 
Ron Davis 
Elizabeth Day 
Kimberly Decker 
Michelle DeLappe 
Ben Demar 
Jamie Demers 
Travis DePrato 
Evan Derickson 
Alicia DeSantola 
Noah Devereaux 
Derek Dexheimer 
Joseph Diederichs
Al Dimond 
Emily Dinges 
Luke Distelhorst 
Sean Donovan 
Ian Dotson 
Emily Drake 
Jared Drake 
Drew Dresman 
Alison Driver 
Jonathan Dubman 
Jeff Dubrule 
Phillip Duggan 
Reuben Dunnington 
Sara Early 
Jean Edelhertz  
Thaminda Edirisooriya 
Jon Ehrenfeld 
Cory Ehrlicher 
Dan Eisenberg 
Sarah Eklund 
Jeremy Elbourn 
Michael Eliason 
Mary Ellen Russell 
Aaron Epstein 
Jack Evans 
Benjamin Fecher 
Stephen Fesler 
Mary Fielder 
Eric Fisk 
Cynthia Fitzsimmons 
David Foltz
Corey Ford 
Emily Ford 
Nadine Foster 
Barb Frances 
Jonathan Freedman 
Andrew Freeling 
Emily Friedman  
Ellen Frierson 
Alexander Froehlich 
Michael Fromberger 
Thomas Fucoloro 
Alfred Fung 
Jean G Amick 
Arun Ganti 
Maynard Garritty 
Nicholas Gellert 
David Gibbs 
Ann Giesel 
Michael Gillenwater 
Isaac Gloor 
Markus Glunz 
Jennifer Goldman 
Alejandro Gonzalez 
Barbara Gordon 
Caleb Gostnell 
Tim Gould 
Michael Grazewski  
Katie Groeneveld
Mike Groenewegen 
Nell Gross 
Phredd Groves 
Susan Gulick 
Jon Gunther   
Brie Gyncild
Tiffany Ha 
Carol Haffar 
Raphael Hagen 
Lio Hal 
Andrea Hale  
Reed Hampton
Justin Hansen 
Tyler Hartley 
Nicole Harvey 
Alicia Harvie 
Matthew Haven 
Melissa Hayes 
Travis Hayes 
Emma Hellthaler 
Nancy Helm 
Daniel Heppner 
Derek Herman 
Jennifer Hickey  
Michelle Hickner
Matthew Higgins 
Adam Hinz 
Andrea Hirsch 
Ari Hock 
Chris Holstrom 
Nils Hostage 
Kirk Hovenkotter 
Oralea Howard 
Lauren Howell 
Andrew Hu 
Joe Inglish 
Alison Iser 
Miguel Jaime 
Owain James 
Hadeel Jeanne 
Ben Jensen 
Mia Jenssen 
Rebeckah Johnson 
Thomas Johnson 
Mary Johnstone 
Calvin Jones 
Dylan Jones 
Max Kauffman 
Sam Keller 
Chuck Kettle 
Victoria Khemani
Donald Kiesling 
Marylynn King 
Patrick King 
Matthew Kirk 
Patricia Kiyono 
Sam Knight 
Rich Knox 
Stephanie Kornfeld 
Simon Krauter 
Ian Kuehne 
David Kunselman 
Hoi Lam 
Tom Lang 
Nicole Larson 
Joseph Lavy  
Kevin Ledoux 
Eric Lee 
John Lestina 
Claudia Levi 
Alexander Lew 
Julia Lewin 
Susanna Lin 
Ref Lindmark 
​Jeffrey Linn 
Toni Long 
Toni Lont 
Elowen Loom 
​Megan Lopez 
Nelson Lowhim 
Diane Machatka 
John Mackay 
Meghan MacKrell 
John Madison 
Charlotte Malone 
Shannon Mangan 
Jessica Manzey 
Anthony Marcheselli 
Kevin Marshall 
Catherine Maxson 
Tom Maxson 
Michael Mayfield 
Nicole Mazzuca 
Dan McCabe 
Dennis McCarthy 
Tracy McCarthy 
Margaret McCauley 
Kathleen McCorkell 
Susan McDowell 
Patrick McGrath
Angelus McNally 
Garland McQuinn 
William Merrill 
EB Meyer 
Jeffery Meyer 
Robert Meyer 
Reagan Middlebrook 
Rachel Miller 
Glen Mitchell 
Tim Mitchell 
Jessica Mogk 
David Moise 
Amara Monillas 
Diane Moore 
Aiden Moreno 
Cliff Mountjoy-Venning 
Ben Mullican 
Philip Neff 
Douglas Nellis 
Doug Nellis  
​Shirley Nelsen 
Kathleen Nelson 
Nathanael Ness 
David Newman 
Jonathan Newman 
Mark Newman 
Brice Nichols 
Jennifer Nickerson 
​Erik Nielsen 
Ryan Niemocienski 
Eric Nunn 
Brenna O'Neill 
Brian O'Sullivan 
Andrew Oberdeck 
Kiva Oken 
Takashi Olds 
Chelsea Otakan 
Adrian Ozinsky 
Chris Pa 
Ryan Paul 
Andre Pegeron 
Grant Peltier 
Luke Pendergrass 
Julian Perry 
Sarah Peters 
Claire Petersky 
Erik Peterson 
Lisa Pfeiffer 
Mark Philips 
Geoffrey Phipps 
Alex Piet 
Aaron Piper  
Jennifer Pope
Zach Porteous 
Conor Poull 
Chris Priest 
Reid Priewe 
Barbara Quinn 
Shawn Rabsky 
Sagar Ramachandra 
Robin Randels 
​Meredith Rawls  
Krishanu Ray
Caitlin Reed 
Jeremy Rees 
Kelli Refer 
Jed Reinitz 
John Renehan 
Katherine Reyes 
John Reynders 
Clayton Richenberg 
Ruedi Risler 
Ben Ritter 
Morgan Robart 
Brian Roberts 
Al Robertson 
Erica Robinson 
Peter Robson 
Jason Rock 
Christie Rodgers 
Benjamin Rogers 
​Elizabeth Rosenman 
Jack Rouse 
Sarah Rubin 
Nicole Rule 
Sylvia Salget 
Gus Salloum 
Andrew Sang 
Matthew Saunders 
April Schachtel 
Alicia Schofield 
David Schuldt 
Christina Sears 
Sierra Seeborn 
Troy Seeborn 
Tyler Shannon 
Dennis Shaw 
Elicia Shotland 
Tamar Shuhendler 
Christian Silk 
Jeremy Simants 
Charlie Simpson 
Tye Simpson 
Simar Singh 
Alexander Sizemin 
Frederick Slater 
Frederick Slater 
John Smart 
Kyle Smith 
Robert Smith 
Justin Sonntag 
Kevin Spitzer 
Jason Steinberg 
Troy Sterk 
Dean Stevens 
Skye Stewart 
Brandon Stilson 
Ian Strader 
Elli Stricklin  
Ahren Stroming 
Christoph Strouse 
Alexandra Struzik
Matthew Sumi 
Abby Swann 
Jesse Swingle 
Dave Tamasi 
Karen Taylor 
Patrick Taylor 
Kenneth Tham 
Ben Thompson 
Svetlana Titova 
Steven Toff 
Ott Toomet 
Greg Traxler 
Louisa Turner 
Maria Tursi  
Tor U
Sarah Udelhofen 
Nick van den Heuvel 
Braeden Van Deynze 
Atle Veka 
Aimee Verrall 
Sarah Vershon  
Huong Vo
Richard Vogt 
Jeff W 
Dayne Wagner 
Roger Wagoner 
Nick Walker 
Alexander Wallace 
Lindsey Wallace 
Tom Walsh 
Curtis Walton 
Sarah Wandler  
Keith Ward 
Jason Wax 
Stacey Wedlake 
Matt Welsh 
Jeff West 
Sasha West 
Kristina Westbrook 
Jessica Westgren 
Aaron Wheeler 
William White 
Alison Wilbur 
Robin Wilkes  
Dave Wilkinson 
Devin Wilkinson 
Lydia Wilson 
Sharon Wilson 
Benjamin Wippel 
Paul Wirsing 
Thomas Wittmann 
Benjamin Wright 
Annabel Wrightsman 
Robert Yates  
Michael Zawacki 
Julia Zelman 
Yurii Zubrytskyi 
Brian Zumeta 

Plus 192 anonymous supporters!

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