Buses on Brooklyn

The Problem

Currently, Sound Transit’s U District light rail station design includes lanes that are six inches too narrow to allow buses to run on Brooklyn Avenue NE. If buses were able to run on Brooklyn Avenue NE it would allow for greater routing flexibility, an optimal direct bus-rail transfer experience, and more pedestrian friendly designs for NE 43rd Street and The Ave. So far, the only major opposition we have heard from anyone to this idea is from Sound Transit who is concerned that changes to their street design could trigger permitting delays. 

Therefore, we urge the city to guarantee a streamlined update to make Brooklyn Avenue NE compatible with buses without jeopardizing Sound Transit’s operations. This will allow better transit transfers, more space for people walking and using wheelchairs, and save taxpayers money from having to rip up the street in the future to fix this short-sighted design. 

Once the bus route on Brooklyn Avenue NE has been enabled, we recommend the city work with accessibility advocates, small businesses, and other community stakeholders to create a pedestrianized street design for NE 43rd Street

As part of a holistic solution for true transit-oriented development, we recommend further coordination with planning efforts for improving NE 45th Street and local bus routes, like Bus 44.

The Solution

Get Involved

Allow Buses on Brooklyn

Help us advocate to allow Buses on Brooklyn Avenue NE in the U District, immediately adjacent to the U District light rail station by signing our petition. Your support will be listed anonymously.
By adding your email address to the private list of supporters, we will advocate on your behalf for adding 6" to each lane on Brooklyn, and keep you updated on the progress periodically.

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Community Advocacy

Letter to Sound Transit

On November 20, 2019, City Councilmembers Abel Pacheco and Alex Pedersen, and County Councilmembers Larry Gossett and Girmay Zahilay signed a letter to Sound Transit.

Letter to Federal Transit Administration

On May 8, 2019, the U District Community Council wrote to the Federal Transit Administration requesting their support for Buses on Brooklyn.

Letter to Mayor & City Council

On April 15, 2019, twenty-one (21) groups signed a joint letter to the Mayor and City Council requesting support for Buses on Brooklyn.

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