Union Bay Trail

The Goal

To connect the missing link on the Union Bay nature trail for pedestrians and bikers.

The Problem

An abundance of nature lies just beside the U District along the shores of Union Bay, ideal for bird watching, forest hiking, and waterfront activities. But just one small section of this five-mile trail is missing.  
Once completed, the recreational pedestrian trail would stretch from Laurelhurst in North Seattle, all the way to Madison Park to the South as one continuous nature walk, free from vehicular traffic. The one remaining piece to prioritize for pedestrians is a low-traffic road behind Husky Stadium, on the University of Washington campus. 

The Solution

The proposal is to divide the road in the middle, supporting pedestrians and cyclists on one side, and cars on the other. This would remove a dangerous blind turn and provide a safe space to enjoy fantastic views of Union Bay, as well as the Japanese Garden, the Arboretum, a new Montlake lid, UW's Waterfront Activity Center, light rail, and U Village. Steps to make it happen: 

  • Determine public interest in completing this nature trail
  • Negotiate with UW to update the short section of roadway 
  • Promote this natural gem in the U District 

Act Now!

Sign the online petition to complete the Union Bay Trail for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Let's Complete this Nature Trail!

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